Read about EquiMoves in Horse Network online magazine

“Innovation at Utrecht University is Changing How We Manage Equine Athletes” is the title of the Horse Network article in the October 2021 online issue.

The article presents the advantages of using the EquiMoves system in comparison to the cameras: “The new system, named EquiMoves©, has the advantage of being used anywhere since it does not rely on setting up a number of expensive cameras for each measurement. Instead, small wireless sensors are placed on the horse’s head, withers, pelvis, and legs.

From this system, researchers and clinicians obtain information about how the horse’s body is moving and where any asymmetries lie. With some calculations, the researchers are able to, for example, determine if one leg is ‘weak’ pushing off the ground, which can indicate an issue that needs further investigation. Due to its ease of use, a number of veterinarians have begun to use it in private practice to assess client horses for movement abnormalities.”

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Innovation at Utrecht University is Changing How We Manage Equine Athletes