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January 2020: EquiMoves trials in Florida

EquiMoves was used in trials, in january 2020, with Hillary Clayton, Sarah Jane Hobs, Marie Rhodin and Elin Hernlund for research purposes in Florida with high-level dressage horses. The goal of this research is to understand better the… Read more →

The International Conference on Equine Exercise Physiology (2018)

The following subjects were presented in Lorne, Australia at during The International Conference on Equine Exercise Physiology (12 -16th November 2018): The use of an artificial neural network to classify gait in Icelandic horses F.M. Serra Bragança, M.… Read more →

Research papers

Automatic hoof-on and -off detection in horses using hoof-mounted inertial measurement unit sensors

M. Tijssen , E. Hernlund, M. Rhodin, S. Bosch, J. P. Voskamp, M. Nielen, F. M. Serra Braganςa, June 3, 2020, PLOS ONE, For gait classification, hoof-on and hoof-off events are fundamental locomotion characteristics of interest. These… Read more →