About us

We are people who often grew up with horses and who made progress through scientific research as our main drive. With EquiMoves we can make now a comprehensive analysis of the functioning of horse and rider in a very easy way for the vet. This is of great help in the diagnosis of the many cases of poor performance with no obvious medical complaints such as the present-day equine practitioner is often confronted with.

Our mission: To open up the equine community to modern technology.



Rosmark is specialised in the equine industry and has experiences in the field of equine sports and breeding. Rosmark focuses on supporting equine performance and breeding. The most important question for us is whether the horse is fit to compete.

Therefore Rosmark is specialised in objective equine gait analysis. All of our work is underpinned by three key objectives, to improve the welfare, soundness and performance of the horse. We are dedicated to optimising and improving equine performance with a sound and happy horse.

Inertia Technology

Inertia develops miniaturized wireless devices that can sense, process and communicate motion, vibration and orientation features of interest. Unlike traditional inertial sensing systems, Inertia focuses on distributed solutions inspired from the field of wireless sensor networks. Benefiting from the wireless communication capabilities, the processing of motion data can be done online and in collaboration with other nodes, enabling an increased accuracy of detected features and instantaneous feedback.

Utrecht University

Established in 1636, Utrecht University has a long history and is rich in tradition. Researchers and students from Utrecht University are continuously looking for new possibilities and solutions across the disciplines and form alliances with various external partners in the process. As a tight-knit community of alumni, students, employees and external partners, with confidence we work together towards a better world.

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